Share Your Pictures with the Yearbook

We need your photographs! Please help us give your children their best yearbook ever by submitting your pictures for possible inclusion in the yearbook.

Pictures needed for some events featured in the yearbook are:

  • Bus stop or first day of school pictures
  • Walk to School Day
  • Family Picnic
  • Classroom activities
  • Spirit Days
  • Grade level PTA Performances
  • Field Trips

Submitting Your Pictures


Please submit the original size photo file using one of 2 options:
1.  Send to and include student's first and last name, teacher name and grade level with all photo submissions. 
2.  Save to a CD
. Send CD to school in an envelope labeled “Yearbook Pictures.” 
Include your contact info and identify grade, teacher, event and students in photos.


With both options, please include your contact information and as much identifying information as possible. Without this information, your pictures may not be able to be used. Time constraints prevent us from sifting through blurry or unidentified photos. Please only submit your BEST photos. Please don’t wait too long to submit your photos or it may be too late to include them! It is best to submit pictures of events as they happen. If you have questions or need other options please send an email to