When adults volunteer, all students benefit! There are many opportunities for parents and community members to get involved!  Your help is needed!  


We have volunteer opportunities for parents to help in every manner and time capacity. Don’t think that helping out with the PTA is a full-time job – many folks donate an hour or two a year, while others want to dig into the trenches.


There is space for everyone, and with more folks, each person needs to do less! We will provide as much or as little guidance as you prefer. We are here to help you help our school, and we will do our best to make volunteering fun!


To learn about our volunteer opportunities, contact Emily Albis at


You can also click here to show your interest for specific volunteer positions and someone from the PTA will reach out to you when event planning begins.  We look forward to working with you to give all our students the best possible educational experience!


All parents who volunteer MUST have submitted an electronic volunteer form. 


Volunteer Form


When you’re volunteering in school:


  • Report to the office, sign in on the computer and in the binder. Wear the yellow Volunteer ID Badge.

  • When finished volunteering, return to the office and sign out on the computer and binder.

  • Follow school rules, referring to the Henrico County Parent-Student Handbook.

  • Attend any orientation and training, if offered.

  • Notify appropriate person if unable to fulfill scheduled volunteer time.

  • Maintain confidentiality. You will see or hear information regarding a student. If it is information that affects a student’s welfare, it needs to be shared with the teacher, principal, associate principal or school counselor. Information regarding a student should never be discussed outside the school.


View HCPS Volunteer Information and Guidelines