Confirmed 2024-2025 Committee Chairs & Co-Chairs! 


A HUGE thank you to our new and returning Committee Chairs and Co-chairs!


**Please note, per our bylaws, you must be a paid PTA member to chair or co-chair a committee.  


Check back for new additions! 



Grade Level Performance Committee Chair- Fatin Shaban (NEW)


Spirit Night Committee Chairs- Lara Bradshaw (NEW)


Sponsorship Committee Chair-Melissa Andrews (NEW)


After School Enrichment Committee Chair-Kristi Price and April Browning (RETURNING and NEW)


Book Fair Committee Chairs- Susan Whitlock and Tatiana Brewer (RETURNING)


Silent Auction Committee Chairs- Margaret Francisco and Amanda Kinsler (RETURNING)


Spirit Wear Committee Chair- Ashley Mott (NEW)


Yearbook Committee Chair- Ashley Marshall (NEW)


Yearbook Committee Co-Chair- Bridget Prince (NEW)


Fifth Grade Party Committee Chairs- Lizz Billings and Courtney Wright (NEW)


Aesthetics Committee Chairs- Jacquelyn Anderson and Ashley McGuire (RETURNING)


Garden Club Committee Chair- Lindsay Rayfield (NEW)


Gayton Gobble Committee Chairs – Lizz Billings and Carter Reilly (RETURNING)


Hospitality Committee Chairs- Brittany Harris and Sarah Cox (RETURNING and NEW)


Room Parents Committee Chair-Lilly Chervenak (NEW)


Teacher Appreciation Committee Co-Chairs-Nicole Perricelli and Lauren Andrews (RETURNING and NEW)


Snowball Dance -- Lindsey Livesay and Brittany Dixon (NEW)


Running Club -- Robert Fraker and Katie Langley (RETURNING)


Volunteer Coordinator - Emily Albis (RETURNING)